English 1B with Dr. Harris was the first ever English class that I took in San Jose State University. At fist with the thought that everyone in the class was an outstanding writer, intimidated me and scared me into being quite and not talking. I did not produce any outstanding works of literature during this time, average or below average at most, but slowly my writing improved throughout the semester with me engaging in class discussions.

Coming barely out of high school, into a the University i knew that my writing needed serious improvement to fulfill the writing requirements most of the upper division courses demanded. To improve my writing i would participate in the class frequently, coming to class with the reading done, even if they were read at the last moment, helped me to add to the discussions we would have in class and giving me further ideas and tools to further myself in writing essays. Coming to class prepared was a moderate struggle because of me having to juggle school, work and social life at the time. Most of the writing that i have done for this course were mainly written in the night before at twelve o’clock at night and weren’t done until two or three in the morning.

For my benefit i could have visited the professor in her office hours, emailed the professor if i had any issues, and probably even research even more into the topics that we spoke in class about. If i would have earned any specific grade it would be between a solid B and C+.


A Star That Cooks

Alton Crawford Brown, born on July 30 1962, hosts the Food Network television show Good Eats as well as  the host and main commentator of the television show Iron Chef America. Alton Brown also has written some books on cooking and has been “Cooking Teacher of the Year” by the magazine Bon Appetit.

Alton brown now has his own podcast where he talks to listeners and bring people in since July of 2013. Most notably he is known for his humorous tweets (which is what brought him to fame).



Group Research at the Library

1) Research source: Library Cataog

2) Topic: Soup Kitchen

3) Search Term: Soup Kitchen

4) Result: 55 results

The first article provided the necessary information regarding the soup kitchen’s role in modern state welfare and provides detailed examples ranging from different times and location, such as Jerusalem in the early 20th century.

5) Unrelated/ Unsuccessful Search Terms: soup kitchen + servers + society, The unsuccessful search resulted from too many specific terms.


Gal, John, and Mimi Ajzenstadt. “The Long Path from a Soup Kitchen to a Welfare State in Israel”. Journal of Policy History. 25.2 (2013): 240-263. EBSCOhost. 24 October 2013.


The Endeavor

At the San Jose State University library, I plan to find evidence that will back my argument. In the essay I will need to find evidence such as how food bring people together and how sharing meals builds a closer bond between people. Books might give me evidence in the form of statistics, magazines as examples of how people have used this to bring people together, and newspaper as peoples opinions food and their experiences with food and others. 


Opposites Attract

At the initial look I saw the wavy golden brown lines, with the smooth chocolate at the bottom, which made my mouth water. The first bite took my breath away, It had a very light crunchiness to it on the outside, but as I kept chewing I noticed the soft smooth center of the Macaroon. Something that surprised me was that the candy was dry as you first bite into it but as you keep chewing, the center of it is so moist and juicy that you get a strong coconut flavor. The coconuty flavor was amazing but as I took another bite I got a slightly different experience, now it was chocolaty, all smooth with a hint of coconut and the best part again, it was very chewy. The best part is that there are so many opposites that they all complement each other!Image